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Intro post (In-Depth)

Well, after thinking about what I’m going to do for my In-Depth project for a long while, I’ve decided to do……..COOKING, but not just regular cooking, I plan on doing gluten-free and mostly vegan cooking.

Why? Because I have allergies to many standard ingredients like gluten and dairy. The reason I will be cooking mostly vegan foods is because I’m not actually allergic to meat nor am I vegetarian. This means in some hot dishes I might add some meat to spice up the flavor (don’t worry, I will use my brain and won’t start adding meat to everything). The biggest reason I want to do this as my in-depth project is because it is very hard to cook for me (you can imagine as I am allergic to practically everything in a standard slice of bread). I want to start cooking for myself, and this will also help me in the future as I will have to cook for myself when I no longer live with my parents. Also I just want to learn how to cook, as my cooking skills are not the greatest right now.

My current plan is to first learn basic skills of cooking through my mom and the Foods 9 course I will take in a couple of weeks, after a few weeks of learning, I will begin to start baking, and maybe try some hot/cold dishes. My goal is to cook at least once a week (most likely on Sundays) Even if I fail at cooking the first few dishes, I will probably learn something from it, so it won’t be a total loss. After I start to see some success, I will move up the recipe difficulties. I also have a few goal dates:

Jan 18 – Start learning basic cooking skills as well as baking skills (watching others cooking, helping others cook)

Feb 8 – Continue baking and learning skills

Mar 1 – Start cooking on the stove top (hot and cold dishes)/ continue baking

April – Get some experience in cooking and be decent at stove top cooking and baking.

May – Start working on In-Depth presentation as well as continue cooking harder recipeshttp://kevinf.talons43.ca/wp-admin/post-new.php

May 25 – Present! (Bring food samples)

I will have many mentors over the course of this project. My mentors at my house include my mom and my sister. My mentor at school is the Foods 9 teacher (although she will mainly just be teaching the class). My main mentor will be Joyce Zhan, my sister’s friend from university who has experience with cooking and gluten-free meals. I will also utilize resources on the internet. I’m sure that I will find more mentors throughout the project.

Well thanks for reading my intro post for my In-Depth project. I will definitely have lots of fun with this project and it will be a wonderful learning experience.  Stay tuned for more cooking posts! (Coming soon)