Journal #3 – farmer



Last month, I just gave my farm to my son. I’ve been tending to this farm for over 50 years now, and I’ve seen a lot of things happen during this time. The biggest thing is that there is now no more monarchy. It’s hard to believe that I was alive on the day the monarchy is abolished, considering how long it’s been there. It all started with a few bad harvests many years ago, which lead to food riots. I didn’t think much of it at the time, I thought everyone would settle down after a year of good harvest. But that year never came, and people got even hungrier. Once the ball got rolling, with the formation of the National Convention, it didn’t take long until the king was executed. It didn’t get any better after king Louis was executed though. The new people in charge, the Girondins and the Jacobins, started executing people left right and center! Lead by the Committee of Public Safety; funny name, when all they’ve done is put fear in everyone’s minds. I’m writing this now because there may be a new ruler soon. But, the thought that won’t go away in my mind is still, was killing the king the right way to go? I mean, when he was in power, sure he did some selfish things, but he also showed that he wanted to help, and maybe we just didn’t give him that chance. If I had known how awful this reign of terror would be, then I would certainly have left the king alive. At least he wouldn’t have gone crazy and started to kill everyone. Well, the answer to that question may be clear quite soon, when we get a new ruler. They say that Napoleon is going to be our new leader, and while he doesn’t seem too imposing to me, maybe a little on the short side, he does have quite the resume. I mean, he certainly knows how to lead and army, based on how many battles he has won. Hopefully he has the same skill with the people of France. Well I don’t have too much to worry about now, my son is covering my farm, so I can really just sit back, relax, and watch Napoleon at work. This will most likely be my last journal entry, unless something major happens. Goodbye

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