Journal #2


Its been years since the bread riots, and yet, nothing has really changed. Sure the monarchy has less power now, and the third estate is better off. But, I’m still hungry. The taxes are just as high, preventing me from saving any amount of money. Recently, I heard there was another wave of food riots in Paris, if this continues, next time I’m joining them. It’s good other groups that mean well to us are slowly getting more power, but there is some part of me thats worried these radicals the Jacobins and the Girondins  and the Mountains will become too powerful and take things too far. I pray that doesn’t happen though, all I want is to be able to eventually have a stable France.

Early 1793

Big news! The king was executed! I’m not sure whether I feel happy about it. I’m happy because maybe now things will finally change. But I’m also slightly scared at what might happen, and who will take his place to control France. I hope now they will execute his wife as well, you can’t leave the job half done. I also hear they’re establishing a committee of public safety. That sounds very promising, we could all use some more safety. Oh well, I’m not important enough to have a say in any of these things, I can only sit back and watch.

Late 1793

Well they did it, they finally executed Marie Antoinette as well. In other news, a new calendar was introduced, with the year starting on September 22. I don’t get it, what was wrong with our previous calendar? Well great, now I have to get familiar with this calendar so that I can harvest and plant my crops on time. I also hear that there has been a crazy amount of executions with the guillotine recently. Honestly, that machine scares me, as I’m sure it does to others as well. Just thinking about being under it gives me the shivers. I really hope they will think of a better way of executing someone, as this one sounds plain nasty. I’d rather be hung than to get my head chopped off. Oh well, enough of my ranting, the main thing is that France is changing. For the better or for the worse is still to be told.

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