In-Depth post # 6 (new tricks!)

Welcome back to my In-depth project of tricking! This post will just be an update to where I am now, and with In-Depth night coming up soon in May, where I will be.

Lets start off with an update to my progress! I’ve continually been practicing the tricks that I’ve shown before, such as the 540 and the auto-bahn. But I’ve added two new tricks to my arsenal! Well…technically its one and a half, since I still haven’t landed the second trick. The first trick is……………………………..THE FRONT FLIP!
That’s right, I’ve moved onto flipping now! Without further ado, here is my best front flip attempt (and it took me a while to get it)

Too fast for you? HOW ABOUT IN SLOW MOTION?

Nitpicking time! Taking a look at my mentor’s front flip and mine, there are a few key differences: In my front flip, I rotate faster, but I also get way less height than in his front flip. Now you might think that this is a good thing, but it’s more important to have the height in order to safely complete the trick. Having such a low vertical means that I have to rotate much faster in order to land my flip, which puts a lot of pressure on my joins, and also gives me less margin of error in case I flip to far or too little. Next time I do it I would definitely try to jump up higher.

The second trick is quite similar to my first trick. If you haven’t guessed it yet, it is…………………………………. THE BACK FLIP!!!
At first glance, you might think that the back flip is harder than the front flip, but according to my mentor, that’s not true. The back flip is actually slightly safer as you can see where you’re going to land throughout the flip. However, on the front flip, you can’t see where you land until the split second before you land (if you go back to my front flip, you can see that I’m only looking forward in the last 1/4 of the flip). The main thing that is difficult about the back flip is the fear factor of going upside down and landing on your head. And I can tell you, when attempting this trick, it is very real indeed. Well enough talk, lets see it!

As you can see, I didn’t quite land it, but it was pretty close for my first ever attempt at a back flip. Now lets see it in SLOW MOTION

When I got my mentor, Serg to look at it, he said my technique was ok, but he recommended my to start off lower in a stronger stance and to grab my thighs in midair to prevent myself from opening up. This also gives my arms something to do, as you can see they’re awkwardly positioned the whole time. (The person I had spotting me was an instructor from my taekwondo who could also perform a backflip) It may be a while until my next back flip however: all the flips in this post were filmed on one day, and after I got home, my knee hurt when I put too much pressure on it. After a few days it started feeling better, but I want to make sure I heal completely before I do any other high degree of difficulty tricks.

Well that sums it up for the past two weeks! But moving forward, what am I going to do for my In-depth night presentation? Well, I’ve decided to compile many of my gifs ( I will film new ones) into a video to project onto the screen. If it’s under two minutes, I might also do a before and after, or a bloopers segment as well, so look forward to that!

That’s it for this blog post, I believe this is the last one until the actual In-depth night though I might be mistaken. I will post the final product as soon as I am finished. This is Kevin, signing off.

2 thoughts on “In-Depth post # 6 (new tricks!)”

  1. The videos show your progress, adding to your overall post. Is it possible to show some of your learning on mats in the gym rather than another video that people passively watch?

    1. Thanks for the comment Ms. Mulder,
      Could you please clarify what you mean by your question? I’m not quite sure what you mean by “another video”

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