Journal (farmer)

Entry #1, 1773

Hi, my name is Abel de Sommes, and I am a farmer in France. I own a small farm on the outskirts of France; enough to feed my family of 4, as well as a little bit extra money that I use for other things. It’s currently the year 1773, and my crops are not doing so well due to the weather. Unfortunately when this happens I have no grain stores to fall back on, as I either sell or eat everything I grow. I have heard rumors of many different farming techniques however, such as “fertilization”. They sound much more efficient than my current strategy, which relies heavily on manual labor. Fortunately for us, I have a small amount of money saved up for emergencies, so that in the case of crop failure, my family can survive. As long as my crop is good next year, everything will return back to normal.

Entry #2, 1774

Bad, bad news. A hailstorm has just taken out my crops for a second strait year. Based off what I hear, other farmers in France are in the same boat I am.  If you thought last year’s bread prices were high, wait until you try and buy bread this year. The prices are going to go through the roof! There are rumors around town, speaking of a protest. Hopefully the harvest next year is good, all I want is to be able to feed my family.

Entry #3, 1775

The people have finally had enough. There was a riot in Dijon a week ago, and I bet many more are happening as I write. This new finance minister, Turgot abolished police regulations on grain, which prevent hording and keep prices stable. He instead introduced free trade, which lead to grain owners hoarding grain for themselves, driving the prices up even higher. Something has to happen, at this rate, we will all be staving by next year.

Entry #4, 1775

Well they finally sorted that out. After many more riots, hundreds, I heard, the king finally did something. First, he brought in soldiers, 25 thousand in fact. These soldiers arrest quite a few people, and even HUNG 2 of them, to send a message to us I guess. The last thing he did was he forced all the supply owners to sell their grain at a fixed price, which solved the problem… for now. But once you put the fear of famine in peoples heads, they will remember it for a very long time. I hear many talking of a revolution, but not enough for it to become a reality yet…

Entry #5, 1776

Since the riots, my life has been rather uneventful. I heard that Turgot got dismissed; about time, that guy lead us into this crisis to begin with. Hopefully this new  Jacques Necker will do a better job. I’m getting quite busy with planting seeds this time of year. I will update this Journal whenever I have the time. Until then, goodbye.

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