In-Depth 2016 (Week one)

Its a brand new year! And with it comes a new in depth project. Last year I explored the topic of gluten-free and vegan baking, but this year, I’ve decided to take it a whole different direction by doing tricking. Instead of having a stay-at-home activity, tricking requires a lot of physical activity, more than what I’m used to. This will hopefully result in me becoming stronger physically over the course of this project.

Now what is tricking? I Asked anyone what tricking was most people would have no idea what it was. This is because tricking is more of an internet phenomenon than an actual established sport. The roots of tricking developed in the 1960s, when spinning, jumping, and flashy kicks became more popular in martial arts.With the introduction of youtube, trickers could now share their performances to a wide audience, greatly improving the popularity of tricking. Nowadays, tricking combines martial arts, gymnastics, and break dancing to create a variety of tricks. Here is a very useful website I found early in my research depicting a variety of tricks with a short animation showing how they are done.

I chose tricking for my In-Depth project because of many reasons. My first reason was that I wanted to improve my physical health, but I found activities such as gym training were too boring for my liking. My second reason is that I was interested in learning a new aspect utilizing martial arts. For those who don’t know, I’ve been doing taekwondo for the past 4 years. At first I thought about gymnastics and tumbling, but when I stumbled upon tricking, I knew that I had found what I was interested in. Tricking combines my interest in martial arts with the physical demands that I wanted, while also having an element of adventure that I enjoy.

Now who did I choose for my mentor? As I have some connections with my taekwondo school, I managed to get into contact with an instructor named Serg Martires. He does tricking on his free time along with parkour. While I trust Serg knows what he is doing when it comes to tricking, I also plan on taking some classes at a tumbling gym to get a different perspective on this subject. There, I will ask the instructor some questions that I may have.

For this project, I’ve developed a plan that will help me get to where I want to be. For the rest of January, I plan on improving my overall fitness as well as working on the tricks I already know such as the kip-up and the cartwheel (examples can be found here) to get my body used to these types of movements. This means stretching and working on my strength  every night. Of course, I will also continue working on my fitness throughout this project. After I will experiment with some of the tricks under the “novice” section of the link above. There are more than enough tricks there to keep me occupied for the rest of this project. Sometime later, around March, I will attend a class related to tumbling so I can further develop my skills.

Now where am I going to practice all these moves? For the month that I am in the gymnastics class, I can practice there, but what about all this other time? Tricking is actually one of the simplest sports. While other sports need lots of equipment and facilities, tricking can simply be done with a grass field. At the beginning, when I am first learning the tricks, I will use my taekwondo school gym after my normal class on Tuesdays and Thursdays because of it’s soft floor. Once I get more experienced, I can move on to backyard training.

There you have it! Everything you need to know about my project. I will post again in 2 weeks documenting my progress among other things. Hope to see you there!

3 thoughts on “In-Depth 2016 (Week one)”

  1. Great choice. Your plan makes sense. How are you going to record your progress in addition to writing about it?

    1. Thanks for asking!
      My plan for recording my progress is: I will take a short video of some of the tricks that I am practicing every few weeks and at the end, I will have a before and after on these tricks.

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