Eminent 2015 Bibliography

Here is my bibliography for my eminent project.

For a list of all Jackie Chan’s movies hes been associated with, along with some fun trivia, click here

This is a detailed page about the life of Jackie Chan, I used it for gathering information about his life. Click here

Same as above, this page was used to match up facts to make sure they were accurate. Click here
I used this page to look up Jackie Chan’s most dangerous stunts. Click here
This video I used in my learning center, it shows basically the same thing as the link above, Jackie Chan’s top 10 most dangerous stunts. Click here
I used the next few links as a guide to how Jackie Chan spoke so that I could try and impersonate him best I could in my speech. They are mostly interviews or something similar. Click here for an interview where he teaches a stunt, here for an interview with TheEllenShow

Also, I watched Rush Hour 1, 2 and 3, all with Jackie Chan in them. This further helped my understanding of the way he speaks.

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