NotN Reflection

Eminent this year was absolutely amazing. All the hard work, all the stress, all the lost sleep, were all worth it in the end. It’s a whole different experience being a grade 9 on Night of the Notables to being a grade 10.

The speech was one of the most memorable and unmemorable things about TALONS. For my speech, I wasn’t very nervous as I waited backstage, but as soon as the person before me went, my nerves kicked in. Walking on stage was probably one of the scariest things I’ve had to do in my life. After I got on stage, I just started saying my lines. All the practice I did payed off, I recited my speech without error. While I was reciting it though, there were parts where I didn’t write to be funny, but the audience still laughed. That threw me off a little bit: I was wondering if I had said something wrong. But, I read through it, and the next thing I knew, I was off stage.The thing that surprised me the most was how fast time passed on stage. Near the ending, I even hesitated because I thought I forgot a huge section of my speech. BUT, why did I say it was unmemorable? Because even a day after my speech, I can’t tell you what I was thinking on stage, where I was looking, I can’t even say I saw any of the teachers. It’s almost as if my memory shut down for that minute and continued right after. Good thing there’s video recording though. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the whole experience, and I would definitely do it again.

I definitely met all my goals for this project. My time management was way better than last year, I felt more connected to my eminent person, and I had way more fun. When I started the project, I would have never expected it to end like this. I looked at NotN with dread and a little bit of excitement, but there was really nothing to dread about that night. Something like this can only be experienced through living it, not through words.

Now moving on to my learning center. My learning center for the night looked like this:

This was what I used to draw people into my room
This was the inside

My idea was to either make a fake movie set, or to have more of an interactive learning center. I moved away from the idea of the movie set because I found it extremely difficult to obtain the materials required to make it. So, I decided to do my interactive idea, using myself as the main attraction (I would talk and answer other people’s questions about myself) I managed to snag the last classroom available, and managed to borrow a projector from that room. Inside my room, I had a video on a projector playing a video of Jackie Chan’s top 10 most dangerous stunts. Through my laptop, I played some music that Jackie Chan sang. I used the mats in the center to demonstrate a few (basic) moves that stuntmen know like the shoulder roll and how to break-fall. I also offered to teach anyone how to do a shoulder roll on the mat. Overall, I felt like having an interactive activity like mine would have been better than if I just put up a few posters and props and talked to audiences. The only issue was that the room looked very bare and plain, a way to have fixed that would have just to have more pictures and filler material or to share a room with someone else just to fill up the empty space.

My roll (Thanks to Will for filming)

ALRIGHT, well that concludes Eminent! I would rate this year a perfect 10/10. It’s almost sad at the end of the night, as eminent marks the halfway point of TALONS grade 10 year (unless grade 11 TALONS happens). I will never forget the energy and excitement of this night. See you next time!

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