Eminent 2015 – Document of Learning

Night of the Notables is coming soon, and it’s time to look over what I learn and achieved through this project.

My first goal for my project was to figure out what makes Jackie Chan do all those crazy stunts. I found out that Jackie Chan puts his life on the line for his fans. I learned that his work ethic is what really sets him apart from other actors/stuntmen because Chan will shoot a scene hundreds of times until he is happy with it. My second goal for my project was to try and keep my stress levels as low as possible by managing my time wisely. This goal also relates to my IEP goals. Last year, I found that I procrastinated a lot, which resulted in me having to stay up late the nights before the project was due in order to get it done. This year, whenever I had time on my hands, I would finish something related to eminent. This meant I had a cushion so that if something went wrong, I would still have time to fix it. This eliminated a lot of stress for me.

I feel that I put in a lot of effort into writing and practicing my speech. First off, I spent a lot of time researching for my speech. I also tried to write my speech the way Jackie Chan would say it, and how he would say it: I briefly experimented with his accent, but I quickly dropped the idea because I couldn’t hold it for more than a few words, I watched a few movies and interviews with Jackie Chan in them to try and get a grasp of his speaking style, and I purposely wrote grammatical errors into my speech to try and replicate Chan’s broken English. Of course I needed people to understand what I was saying, so I only did minor mistakes. However, it was harder to memorize my speech because I would say the correct grammar when practicing. Here is the final copy of my speech (When I was actually presenting my speech, I went off script in some parts).

“Superwoman? I wonder if she can jump off a cliff and land on a hot air balloon. I used to do stunts like that, not anymore. Why? Because things change. They make stunts very differently back then. Different rules. Stunts used to be actually done for real! When I made movies back in Asia, 20 years ago, i could do anything i wanted. I fell down a 21 story building, no wires, no tricks. Jackie Chan does all his own stunts! But now, half the time, I am not allowed to do my own stunts anymore. When I am allowed, it’s all green screens and wires. Recently, I have to climb a simple tree, no more than 20 feet tall. I climb this tree 3 times without camera, but when the camera is here, what do they do? they bring in safety wires, they bring in mats. If I fall, so what? I only break some bones. I break many bones in my career you know. No big deal. Oh well, I’m starting to get too old for this anyway. Hopefully, they’ll still be doing real stunts after I’m gone.”



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