Vancouver Library Trip!

Wow its been a while since my last post, time to get back into it again!

As part of our Eminent person study, we all took a trip to the Vancouver Public Library as well as Mcleod’s Books for an entire day. Since this trip was before the intro post for eminent, I hadn’t fully decided on my eminent person yet. I had some ideas, but nothing was finalized yet. I really wanted to explore the VPL and Mcleod’s books, as I’ve never been to either of those places. I was looking forward to spending time outside of school with my classmates. With me was my trusty cell phone, ready to take pictures at whatever I wanted. And with that we headed out.

We first did an urban solo, which I thought was a really cool experience. It was different from my nature solo because it was in a city, but similar as it allowed me to really see what was going on without distraction.

My view from my solo spot

My theme for this trip has to have been “adventure”. As I don’t usually go out of coquitlam, much less to Vancouver, it was a fun experience for me. I especially loved Mcleod’s Books, as it was a small bookstore with more books than I could have imagined. The narrow shelves and books piled up to the ceiling really gave me an old fashioned feel. I spent most of my time there browsing the shelves for interesting books, and boy did I find some!

Look at all those books!

After the bookstore, we went to eat lunch. I went to the sushi place across the street which I forgot the name of. The sushi was decent, but I was disappointed when I got a smaller portion of sashimi than I expected. But, it was still enough to keep me from starving until I got home. Our group then headed into the massive Vancouver Public Library!

The entrance to the library

If you read my library post from last year, where we went to the SFU library, then you would know how big I thought the SFU library was. Well, the VPL was at least as big, if not bigger! It definitely was more welcoming than the SFU one because of the architecture. Half my time in the library was probably spent exploring every level and what it contained. My inner kid thought it would be the perfect place for hide and seek, but I’m sure the people there studying and working wouldn’t be too pleased if someone did that. I did search up some books and information on potential eminent people, but I barely got to look for any of them because it took ages to even find one in the library. Before the trip, I was leaning towards doing Jackie Chan as my eminent person, and as I found a whole page of books on the library catalog, I leaned even more towards doing him as my eminent person.

Overall the trip was mainly a cultural event for me, but I did get some research done. I really enjoyed the time I spent with my friends during the trip as well. If I ever need a book, I now know my go to place to look.

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