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Here is my socials final presentation:

My socials 10 experience was an interesting one, I guess I could compare it to my experience in chemistry…at first everything was just jumbled in my head, the rebellions, the government, the upper and Lower Canada that really should have been switched around, but then after a while, it just clicked, and started to make sense!

So let’s talk about PLO section A first. Most of section A: which was Critical thinking skills and Effective researching skills, were found in my blog posts (next slide) (next slide). I made a total of 8 blog posts which required me to ask questions and research for information on the internet. As for A3, I’m doing it right now! (Switch slides) oh, wait, it appears I have no evidence right now. You guys don’t mind being in my blog post do you? Hang on, I can get evidence right now. Smile! (Take selfie). Alright, thanks guys that helps a lot. Now back to my presentation.(next slide)

A large portion of my knowledge of PLO section B came from this book (next slide). This book gave me insight into what daily life was like for Chinese workers working on the railway. Other than knowing what Chinese people felt however, I don’t know how other ethnic minorities felt in Canada. (next slide) My political cartoon really opened my eyes to the Indian act. Oh yeah just ignore the censored face please, I kind of screwed up when drawing it. But yeah, so my political cartoon was supposed to represent how the government doesn’t really care what minorities think. When researching for this cartoon, I wondered if the aboriginal people supported or objected to residential schools, and I came across some interesting information, while the majority of tribes opposed residential schools, some tribes insisted they remain open because of their role as a social service in communities suffering extensive family breakdown; the significance of the schools as employers; and sometimes because it was the only place their children could have an education. (next slide)

I Learned about PLO section C through the confederation roleplay. (next slide)I was Louis Lafontaine, who was involved in basically everything in politics before 1867. For this reason, I know quite a bit about C1, C2, and C4. (next slide)Also, I listened in class…I know, amazing right? This picture is all of the handouts we received for socials. I did manage to read almost all of them. I’m not going to say all because I’m sure there’s a sheet or two in there that I missed. That brings me to C3, the red river rebellion. (next slide) Who could forget Louis Riel? Although we didn’t watch all of the film, Mr. Jackson explained everything else that we didn’t watch. (Next slide)

Now onto my weaker PLOs, I feel like these two sections are the ones which I know the least about. I do consider myself fully meeting some of the suggested achievement indicators in both PLOs, but unlike the others, I don’t meet a majority of them. While I know a bit about Macdonald’s National Policy due to it being discussed in class, I don’t know anything about Canada’s economy. Ironically, I know the least about British Columbia’s economy. If you ask me what makes us money, I’ll probably say: wood and fish. For obvious reasons, I mean, forest… water… Although these answers are somewhat correct, it’s like an annoying math question, I just can’t show my work. Section E is about geography and resource development in BC. In class, we did talk about why locations such as the prairies, British Columbia, the Maritimes, the Atlantic, and Central and western Canada were populated. But, another part of PLO E is about British Columbia resource development. Here we go again: More Wood and fish. I feel like this is mainly common sense, I mean we can just look around us to see our resources. (Next slide)

At the start of socials, this picture described my level of knowledge when it comes to politics. (next slide) That’s right, I knew more about Obama than about Stephen harper or any of the prime ministers before him. Now, I’m proud to say that I know a lot more about Canada than our neighbors to the south. Wow, that really shows how unknowledgeable I was at the beginning of socials. But, hopefully it also shows how much I’ve learned. Even though I learned so much, (next slide) I will continue to fill my brain with information (pause, look at screen, say OPS wrong picture, next slide) as well as keeping on top of national and global issues through various new outlets. Thank you for watching.

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