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My political narrative that I find the most compelling is the environment. In my opinion, the environment is the most important thing in the world. Most politicians put their effort on getting more money, and while money is important to run a country smoothly, it can’t buy cleaner air or water. It’s not that I don’t think the other narratives like economy, identity, and government are not important; but, rather I feel that it should be balanced better. The thing that has always bothered me is how some people can utterly disregard the environment and publicly litter and waste things. Time and time again the current government has shown that they do not have the environment on the top of their priority list and while they help the environment, it’s probably because they want to please the public. Most people I know who don’t care about the environment still recycle and save wherever they can; most likely because that’s how they were taught as a kid. I believe that this generation that I’m a part of is the generation to turn things around when it comes to the environment. It may be too late for the current harper generation, but hopefully the next government (or maybe the same one) will do something about this issue.


For this issue, the Green Party of Canada seems like the obvious choice of the best party to present this narrative of Canada’s future and that’s I picked them. The green party claims they will support the environment as seen here : (It is from the previous election but their views should still be pretty much the same) This article is the main reason why I believe the Green Party of Canada is the best party to present the Environment narrative. The Green Party is also heavily environmental oriented, saying they have a “pragmatic ecological orientation”. (Wikipedia) I’m sure the Green Party will have more impact on Canada’s issues if they have more seats, and that’s why I hope that the Greens will gain a couple more seats in this election.


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