Op-Ed (Political cartoon)

Here is the political cartoon I drew:

political cartoon





And the description:

My political cartoon takes place inside the prime minister’s office. In there, two men, including Stephen Harper himself, are discussing whether or not to do something about the events they see on TV. The TV is on a news channel that is broadcasting a protest that is currently being controlled by the police. Stephen Harper asks his advisor if they should do something about the protesters by giving them what they want. His advisor responds by saying no, claiming that the protesters can’t do anything if they refuse anyways.

As my issue is aboriginal reactions about residential schools, I thought that this was an appropriate way to compare the protests today like Baltimore and Ferguson to how aboriginal leaders thought. My opinion on this topic is that it honestly doesn’t matter what people say to the government, if the government doesn’t like it, they won’t listen to the people. It’s as simple as that.

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