Document of learning : PLO B2

PLO B2: Evaluate the impact of interactions b/n aboriginal peoples and Canadian explorers/setters from 1815-1914

I definitely feel that at the beginning of socials, I had no idea about the oppression of aboriginal people by Canadians. However, now that we are over halfway through socials, I understand that aboriginal people were always treated as less than equals to white men. While this may have made sense back in the day, it definitely doesn’t make sense in today’s day and age. Whenever I hear about the treatment of aboriginals during the 1800s, I feel terrible for the people who had to endure that misery.

I now know that at the beginning, when European settlers first came to North America, they were friendly with the aboriginal groups. After politics became involved however, a different story emerged. It wasn’t until John A. MacDonald founded Canada in 1867 that the situation became a lot worse for aboriginals. The moment that he introduced residential schools, along with other methods to make aboriginal people “more white” was when MacDonald’s true intent for the future of aboriginal people appeared.

When I look at this picture, the first thing I want to ask is how did the aboriginals react to MacDonald’s policies. Based on present events like Ferguson, I would expect the aboriginal groups to object to this, but I don’t know what they actually did. I suspect as I try to find out more about my question, I will learn more about how the Canadian Government worked at that time (entire C section), as well as the daily lives of normal people and aboriginals (B1).

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  1. The comparison between the reaction for MacDonald’s policies and Ferguson was interesting. I like how you compared something in the present to something in the past so you could get a better understanding of what the situation must have felt like for the people back then.

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