In-Depth Post #7 (De Bono post #8)

Hello everyone! This week will be my last post for in-depth. This week I will be talking about De bono’s topic 16: Interruption. But before we get to that, lets take a look at what two recipes I made over the past 2 weeks:

First : Blueberry muffins

As it is practically the same recipe as this, with the only changes being that I used the same amount of blueberries instead of apples.
Here was the result:

If you couldn’t tell already, I love muffins!

The next recipe was my first attempt at using a recipe that uses normal ingredients by replacing what I am allergic to. I was a little ambitious with my first recipe: PIZZA!
Here is the recipe I used (It’s from my foods 9 class) All I replaced from the dough was the flour, into my own gluten free flour mix. For the toppings, I used tomato sauce, substitute cheese, and ham. Also, instead of making two smaller pizzas, I made one large one (Part of the reason was because I had to make the crust thicker or the pizza would fall apart).

My collection of ingredients
My yeast in warm water.
The rolled out dough
All the toppings on before it goes into the oven. (I know the ham doesn’t look very good)
After it was done baking.

Review: I thought the pizza was great…for my first attempt at a gluten free vegan pizza. I’m not exactly sure how this compares to the original recipe, but the crust edges were extremely hard and the center was not spongy at all. But, I would consider it a pizza, because it did taste like one. Overall, I would make this recipe again, but not before researching whether the yeast was actually necessary.

Time to talk about De Bono!
This week: Interruption.
I’m going to honest, I’m don’t really interrupt people when they are talking unless it is to ask clarifying questions. Because I am still learning, I often ask clarifying questions when I don’t fully understand what my mentor is talking about. My mentor always takes these questions in stride because she is very patient. For this reason, she almost never interrupts me when I’m talking. One example of when she did interrupt me was in this post. (There is a sound recording, it happens when I am talking about substitutions for dates in my date squares). I respond by considering he opinion. I feel that all our interruptions are justified as both me and my mentor only interrupt when necessary. Interrupting someone is often helpful to both people, but only if you do it correctly.

I hope you enjoyed my last (for now) post for my In-Depth project. Feel free to check out my posts for other subject.
Thanks for viewing!

4 thoughts on “In-Depth Post #7 (De Bono post #8)”

  1. Thanks again for sharing some delicious recipes again! What do think of the daiya cheese? What are you going to do for the actual in-depth night?

    1. Thank you Ms. Mulder! So far, daiya cheese has been great for substituting regular cheese with. It’s the closest thing to cheese I’ve tried since I stopped eating cheese. I plan to bring plenty of samples for people to taste for my in-depth!

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