Socials Midterm

So far this term, I have learned a lot in Social Studies 10. We have just finished learning about the events before and during the founding of Canada in 1867. Although I feel that I am sufficient in many of the categories in the PLO (Potential Learning Outcomes), there are still a few that I want to learn more about because I’m not yet sufficient in these categories. When we did the confederation role play, I was a important French-Canadian politician, making  me more aware of government matters than the daily lives of ordinary people. In this post, I will detail the parts of the PLO that I am confident I meet the requirements in and the parts that I need to explore further.

Starting out with my strengths, I picked out two outcomes from the  skills category and one from the governance category. The first successful outcome is to demonstrate effective research skills, which I completed as part of the Craap testing assignment by searching online for a resource to test. My resource was the article titled The Peopling of Canada. My second successful outcome came from a variety of sources. Due to my final address and eminent speech, I feel that I have demonstrated effective oral communication skills. Also, I made quite a couple of blog posts that can be found here that demonstrate written communication skills. The last outcome actually is directly related to my character, as it involves describing the evolution of responsible government in Canada. From my research of my character for all the blog posts above, I learned quite a bit about the rebellions of 1837-38 and major events thereafter.

Now onto the area which I feel like I need to improve on. Because of my characters status, there was no need for me to research the lives and feelings of ordinary people. Although my character was a major government official, I realized that I’m not really sure of the structure and function of Canada’s government after confederation when I listened to my fellow classmates present their final address. Also because my character was prominent in the east coast, I have no idea what happened on the west coast. I recently read this book, which gave me a glimpse of the way immigration changed Canada, but I still want to learn more. I will look over these categories whenever I have time.

Now that we are halfway through social studies, its time to look back on my progress, and now that I analyzed what I need to work on, I can shift some of my attention to those categories. Now, moving forward, I’ll be sure to try and cover more of the PLOs. I’m excited for what the other half of socials will bring!

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