Final Address – Louis Lafontaine

My final address about the formation of Canada:
Wow, look at all those men, those handshakes that seal the deal to make Canada an independent country. Its a shame I worked so hard, just to miss the result of my work by just 3 years. Now, looking over it all, I’m rather impressed by how everyone from all backgrounds came together to achieve this common goal, something that I tried to advocate when I was the prime minister of the United province of canada. This country, an idea that was sparked by the revolutions of 1837, further brought to life by me and Mr. Robert Baldwin’s joint government, has so far lived up to all my expectations. I hope that this constitution will last and be improved for hundreds of years. Well, I did my part, as it seems that all my hard work has paid off, as French culture and language is now part of Canada, we also have parliamentary seats proportionate to our population, a huge improvement to the 50/50 setup of the government before this. When generations pass, I want the history of Canada to be remembered so that this oppression will never happen again. While future generations may only speak of the father of confederation, I still hope that I will be remembered for my efforts in trying to preserve french culture and for planting the seeds for this new country.

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