Blog Post #2 Reforming time!

Dear Mr. Baldwin,

I am pleased to have the opportunity to work with you. As you know, we have similar motives to reform the government of Canada. Because of this, I hope we can work together to achieve our common goal. Although our common goals are a priority, one of my main goals is still to bring back the French language so that it is recognized as an official language of Canada again so I hope that you can respect the actions I will take to try to make this a reality. I have to thank you for letting me run in the place of your father in the 1941 election. The reason I wasn’t elected was because my polling office was placed at the entrance to a village that was mostly English. When my followers and I showed up to vote, a mob was waiting for me and I had to withdraw to avoid bloodshed. Due to this, I feel that we are strongest together and we will do extremely good things in this new government to chance Canada for the better.

With many Thanks,
Louis Lafontaine

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