In-Depth Post #6 Spring break special!

So…many things happened during spring break. The good news is I baked 4 times total, but the bad news is that I went on vacation over the weekend so I didn’t bake a new recipe one weekend. First, I will start by posting the repeat recipes that I did: (only the result, as I used the exact same method as the first time I posted it)

The muffins from my In-depth post #5 here: (This time the muffins turned out PERFECT. They rose perfectly because I used brand new baking powder and I baked them for the right amount of time this time so they didn’t stick to the wrapper like last time.)


The date squares also from In-depth post #5 here: These tasted about the same as the last time I made them but I did make one huge change: I followed Joyce’s suggestion and used dried mangoes as the filling! I have to say it turned out quite well.

Now to the new recipes that I made, starting with coconut cookies!

My collection of my ingredients. (The powder in the blender is brown rice flour that I made from blending brown rice at high speeds in my blender)
All the flour.
The coconut oil sugar and vanilla extract mixed. (This took me longer that expected because after I mixed it the first time and went to do something else, the oil and sugar noticeably separated)
Mixing everything together
After everything is fully mixed. The mixture was soft and held its own shape quite well, making it easy to shape into cookies.
Right as the cookies are going into the oven.
After coming out of the oven. Looks good! Too bad they have to cool for hours before eaten.


This was one of the only times that what I made looks and tastes exactly the same as the recipe maker’s version. Unfortunately, these cookies weren’t a hit for me. However, my family loved them! A drawback for baking was mentioned earlier in one of my pictures: because I used coconut oil (which turns to liquid at about 24 degrees Celsius), I had to wait multiple hours for the cookies to harden to a point where they wouldn’t fall apart when touched. This recipe is definitely one I would make again, mainly for my family.

Now onto the second recipe, this one is a quick chocolate pudding you can make in a couple minutes using a blender:
Here is the recipe:

The ingredients. I substituted the almond butter for peanut butter (in the end, you couldn’t taste the peanut butter at all) and used more fruit because I had small avocados and bananas instead of medium.
Everything in the blender. See anything wrong? I do now…I put the cacao powder on the top, so as soon as the blade started spinning it sprayed the powder everywhere inside the jar and on the lid.
The finished product! With pomegranate frills and coconut shavings to top it off.

Review: I made this pudding twice, making changes to the second one to make it better. When I made the first batch, I followed the instructions step by step. The result tasted extremely bananaee and chocolatee (meaning banana and chocolate were the strong flavors that stood out). The second time I made the pudding, I added 1/4 of a cup of sugar and used 4 tbsp of cacao powder instead of 5. The result was much sweeter and less bitter. My family was split on which one they liked, half of us liked the 1st batch, and half of us liked the 2nd batch. Its up to you to decide which one is better when you make it for yourself!

Now that the progress report is done, time to talk about De Bono, this week: Concepts (9) and alternatives (10)

Lets start with concepts. As stated earlier, I experienced a mishap when I put the cacao powder in last when making pudding and the result was having it go everywhere inside the blender. When my mom saw this, she started talking to me about the importance of putting my ingredients in a better order to prevent stuff like this. After she had been speaking for a while, I asked her if I had the concept right by telling her the way I would put the ingredients the next time I made the pudding. Sure enough, I put the ingredients in that order (with the lightest and most powdery at the bottom) and it worked out perfectly. Another instance of this happening was a couple weeks ago when I recorded a section of our conversation for this post. During the recording, Joyce and I talked about substituting the dates in my date squares for dried mangoes. As the recording was only a short snippet of our conversation, there was much more to our discussion than that. After the recording was over, I proceeded to ask Joyce to explain in more detail why she though dried mangoes would work. She said that she thought it would work because of the properties of the dried mangoes. I tried to check if I got the concept of what she was saying by stating that the mangoes’ stickiness made it similar to dates. Joyce said it was spot on to what she was explaining. And as you can see in the picture of my new date squares earlier which I used dried mangoes instead of dates, it turned out really well.

Now lets talk about alternatives:
I just mentioned an example of an alternative a mentor has offered me when I talked about concepts. Yes, I’m talking about the mangoes and the dates. Other than that, I can’t currently think about more situations where alternatives were suggested, but I’m sure as I dive deeper into this project, more situations like this are bound to occur!

Well thanks for reading this weeks blog post, and I hope to see you again in 2 weeks for my next post!

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