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I’m back to my usual 2 recipes every post now! This week you will be seeing oatmeal apple muffins (recipe here), and date squares (recipe here). My muffins turned out sub par as I under baked them by a little bit so the bottom kind of stuck to the pan. I also used some older baking powder so they didn’t rise as much as I would have liked. But, they tasted exactly like the real thing, so I’m quite happy with the result. The date squares were a success, the only thing that I would change is to use less sugar. I could tell that to some people the sweetness would be perfect, but to me it was a little bit over sweet. I plan on re-making both these recipes over spring break (next post) as well as 2 new recipes.

Here are my muffins:

WOW, what a huge bunch of ingredients! I almost ran out of room on my counter.
All the flour and dry ingredients (minus the sugar)
In the front: All the wet ingredients (the sugar was supposed to go in here, but I accidentally dumped based on reflex, ops) In the back: All the dry ingredients + the sugar
The mixture before it gets poured into the muffin tins.
Going into the oven!
The finished product, I would have liked it to rise more, which is why I bought some brand new baking powder to try this recipe again during spring break.

Now for the date squares:

The ingredients (much more manageable than the muffin ingredients)
All the dry ingredients + the coconut oil. I had to put this bowl into a pot full of hot water to melt the coconut oil because solid coconut oil is extremely hard.
The mixed crumbly mixture. I took this picture after I put half of the mixture into the pan, that’s why it doesn’t look like a lot.
Chopping the dates for the date paste.
Boiling/simmering the dates to make paste.
The final paste.
The date squares (or square since its not cut) before it goes into the oven.
Mmmmmm, nice and golden brown. These came right out of the oven, I had to wait a couple of hours until they were cool to cut them.

BONUS (I guess, even though I don’t have pictures): I baked another batch for the Slam Jam event. This time I used my experience with the previous batch and made the following improvements:

1. I used less sugar so that the natural flavor of the dates could be tasted.

2. I used vegan margarine instead of coconut oil (Although the recipe said both were fine, I used coconut oil for my personal batch because there is soybean oil in the vegan margarine and I’m allergic to soy). I couldn’t compare the two as I was allergic to one.

3. I waited until it was 100% cool and hard before I cut it instead of cutting it when it was semi-soft.


Now to my recording with my mentor:
(PLEASE READ: the audio in this clip is very low due to me recording it on my phone, when listening to the clip, turn your volume to 100% but PLEASE REMEMBER TO TURN IT DOWN AGAIN)

[soundcloud url=””]


0:20 – White hat (Talking about coconut oil)

2:50 – Red hat (Inferring that the coconut sugar I used might be sweeter than brown sugar)

4:08 – Green hat (Asking what would be a substitute for dates)

4:20 to end of video – Yellow hat (Discussing if mangoes will work for the recipe)

4:30 – Red hat (Me feeling that mangoes won’t work)

4:38 Black hat (Me saying that dried mangoes are a little too dry)

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  1. Your images are great illustrations. Excellent analysis of the hats. Your mentor is asking you good questions to make you think about the processes.

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