Document of (Resource) Learning

Well this is my second document of learning for social studies. This is my resource for this post:

As you can see, it’s a video! The reason I chose this video was that I realized that while I am extremely interested in war’s and know a good amount about both world wars, I know almost nothing about The War of 1812. This war was the most important war in the history of Canada in my opinion, as we would have become part of America if we had lost. This video describes in moderate detail the events during The War of 1812 that contributed to the result of the war. (With a couple of humorous facts thrown in as well)

I feel that this video applies to almost all the sections of the PLO, as this war shaped our identity, culture, created a new government, and affected the environment by setting a new border. By being a video, this resource already appeals to those who don’t like reading long paragraphs. It also is a manageable 12 minutes long; anyone can take 12 minutes out of their day to learn something new. I know I enjoyed this resource because of the illustrations and because it was easy to understand. Although the video is from an American point of view, it is quite easy to make connections to how Canada developed as a country after this war, even though it is not directly stated.

Overall, I think that this is definitely a “green” resource.

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