What is our path?

Where have we been?
I think as humanity, we’ve “been” to quite a few places. I mean, over the past couple thousand years, we have learned that we like to fight…a lot. There is always some major war going on somewhere around the world. But, all is not bleak. Humans have made some fantastic discoveries about our planet. We even went to the moon! Towards the 2000s we have really began to mature as a species, and while some might say that 1950-1980 was the time for discovery, I say we are reaching the peak of discovery and innovation right now.

Where are we going?

The possibilities for the future are endless! As we begin to mature, the amount of fighting, while it is never going to disappear, is at a far lower level then 100 years ago. I predict that in the future, they will be no conflict between countries, but rather the only conflict will be within the country due to bad government. As for technology, I predict that there will be even more technology to limit how much work we do. This is because everyone has a lazy side (yes, admit it, you have one too). This means that the amount of robots will increase, to the point where they are an essential part of our lives. Within the next 100 years, we will probably colonize mars or the moon, hopefully eliminating our overpopulation problem. Overall, I see an advanced future ahead for humanity!

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