What is our path?

Where have we been?
I think as humanity, we’ve “been” to quite a few places. I mean, over the past couple thousand years, we have learned that we like to fight…a lot. There is always some major war going on somewhere around the world. But, all is not bleak. Humans have made some fantastic discoveries about our planet. We even went to the moon! Towards the 2000s we have really began to mature as a species, and while some might say that 1950-1980 was the time for discovery, I say we are reaching the peak of discovery and innovation right now.

Where are we going?

The possibilities for the future are endless! As we begin to mature, the amount of fighting, while it is never going to disappear, is at a far lower level then 100 years ago. I predict that in the future, they will be no conflict between countries, but rather the only conflict will be within the country due to bad government. As for technology, I predict that there will be even more technology to limit how much work we do. This is because everyone has a lazy side (yes, admit it, you have one too). This means that the amount of robots will increase, to the point where they are an essential part of our lives. Within the next 100 years, we will probably colonize mars or the moon, hopefully eliminating our overpopulation problem. Overall, I see an advanced future ahead for humanity!

In-depth post #4

As stated in my last post, I only baked once these past two weeks. But just because I didn’t bake much, doesn’t mean I didn’t bake good food! Check out these oatmeal cookies that I made from this recipe:


All the ingredients needed for this recipe. I added some dark chocolate hemp protein to increase flavor and nutrients (Not pictured)
Combining all of the ingredients except the baking soda.
After adding the baking soda, water and mixing.
The mixture after 3 hours in the freezer, just before it goes into the oven.
The result after 10 min of baking! ( An oversight was the fact that I didn’t have baking parchment, so i had to use aluminum foil. As a result, the bottom was slightly burnt and the rest of the cookie was uncooked.)

Review: The cookies tasted great. I think that the flavor of hemp protein really helped the taste. Before baking, I asked my sister what flavor of hemp protein to put in. The choices were: Dark chocolate, Blueberry raspberry, and vanilla. My sister suggested dark chocolate, so these cookies were technically chocolate chip cookies without the chip.The main problem with the cookies were that they were uncooked every after baking. The reason for this was because I had to use aluminum foil instead of baking parchment. Also, the cookies ended up in balls because I didn’t add enough water to compensate for the hemp powder I added in, so they didn’t stick together very well. Because these tasted so good, I might make a batch every 2 or so weeks. I won’t post step by step pictures, but I will include a small paragraph displaying my result when I do make a new batch.

When I was talking with my mentor (Joyce) this past weekend, I asked her if she had any tips when it came to baking. As all I know about baking was learned from my home economics class in middle school, I learned quite a couple of things. For instance, as soon as I found my recipe, I wondered what kept the cookies from falling apart as there was no egg. When I asked Joyce what makes cookies stick together, she said that it was the margarine and sugar that makes cookies stick together. I understood what she meant after I baked my first batch and found out that they didn’t stick together very well. For my cookies, I wanted to slightly alter the recipe a little bit (Adding the hemp protein). I thought I had a sufficient level of skill to add some more water to match the powder. I asked Joyce for her opinion on this, she said that I might want to wait on altering the recipes for now as she thought I was not at a high enough level of skill. We decided finally that I could add the powder as long as my sister supervised how much extra water I added.

As Joyce and I get to know each other better, I’m glad to say our value and beliefs are the same. (I think it’s because Joyce is good friends with my sister, and I share some qualities with my sister). As we were ending our conversation, I asked Joyce if there was anyway I could improve my baking skills without actually baking (because I only bake once a week). Joyce said the best way to improve is to practice, which I suppose is true. Luckily, my Foods 9 class is starting to pick up and I am getting some practice from there too!

Thanks for reading this In-Depth post, I hope to see you guys again in 2 weeks for my next post! (SPOILER: There may be muffins and other treats involved)

In-depth Post #3

And I’m back again!!! This time I actually cooked something. (and no, I didn’t burn my house down) The weekend after my 2nd blog post, I baked my first food item: brownies. Here were my steps:

The brownie mix that I used.
The directions, nutrition information, and ingredients.
All the ingredients and equipment all in one shot!
Mixing the mix, two tbsp of water and two tbsp of oil together.
After a lot of mixing, right before it goes into the microwave.
Voila! The finished result after 1.5 minutes of microwaving!

Review: I have never actually ate an actual brownie with gluten in it, so I cannot compare it to that. But, from what I gathered from my sister (who also ate some), it tastes practically identical to a brownie with gluten. Although it was a bit bitter due to the fact that there was pure cocoa powder in it. Overall 5/5 will make again!

The next week, I decided on making something more ambitious. While I made the brownies on my own, this recipe required some help from my sister. Unfortunately my mentor was busy with midterm exams and couldn’t come to cook with us. The recipe this week was: LASAGNA! These were the steps. (Sorry all you vegans/vegetarians out there, I put some ground pork in the lasagna. Feel free to substitute it out for something else if you desire)

All the ingredients (from left to right, up to down): Ground pork, Gluten-free lasagne pasta, tomato sauce, coconut sauce (soy-sauce substitute) to put into the meat, and cheese substitute (dairy-free).
Sorry, got a little excited here and forgot to take photos of the earlier stages but the order of our lasagna was: pasta, sauce, meat, cheese substitute and so on for another layer until the top layer where there was no meat.
The finished product right before it goes into the oven!
Looks good, just like real lasagna! The reason there is a gap in the center is because we had to use two pieces of pasta to cover the pan and there was a gap in between them.

Review: Just like the brownies, I have never had lasagna with gluten in it, so I can’t compare the two. My sister, who has tried both types, says that it is quite similar. I quite enjoyed this dish and it made a good dinner (it was a really late dinner, as I forgot to turn on the oven). Overall 4/5 because I used a little bit too much sauce and it masked the taste of everything else.

Now that the cooking aspect of my post is done, I will talk about how I’ve incorporated the parts of “How to have a Beautiful Mind” with communicating with my mentor, Joyce. This week: How to be interesting and how to respond.

When I get going in a conversation, its often hard to stop. I have a magnitude of funny and interesting stories that are just waiting for the right moment to burst out. Joyce and I found that we had many things to talk about, including: exercise, health, and of course, my sister. This meant that there were no shortage of interesting discussions between us. The conversation felt natural, and there were no awkward pauses where one of us thought of how to respond. I think we are getting along quite well and we are both getting more comfortable with being around each other.

Well that’s it for this week folks. Unfortunately, there will only be 1 dish next week because I just got my retainers and I can’t eat hard things yet. Stay tuned for my next post in 2 weeks and thanks for reading this one!