In-Depth post #2 (Update)

So far in the In-Depth project, I haven’t done any actual cooking yet. BUT, what I have been doing is watching my mom cook to learn some techniques. Also, this past Sunday (Jan.18) I went to the Vancouver Gluten-Free Expo in the Vancouver Convention center with my sister and my mentor, Joyce. For the measly price of 5$ per person (actual tickets were 12$, we got ours on sale) we got more free samples than you can get from a whole day in Costco. But we didn’t just go there for the free samples thought, we also bought A LOT of stuff (about 120$ between the 3 of us).

Our total haul from the expo!

As we took public transit to the expo. I had a lot of time to talk Joyce as it took us about an hour to get there. It wasn’t as awkward as I thought it would be, mainly because my sister was also there with us. On the way to the expo, we basically just introduced ourselves to familiarize with each other more. I also went into more detail what I am doing for my project and how I will do it.

Once we got the the expo, the topic of conversation went more towards healthy eating/ vegan foods as all the foods we saw were very healthy. We had a minor disagreement over what nutrient/mineral was the most important, but that was half-joking as I wanted protein for obvious reasons (MUSCLES), and Joyce was looking for a more balanced blend of protein, fiber and other nutrients. She was almost as excited for this expo as I was because she is also looking for healthy foods to eat. My sister was mainly shelling out the cash because Joyce and I didn’t have any. (We paid her back later don’t worry) Later on, Joyce and I had an interesting conversation on what type of gluten-free flour mix to buy for my project. I was leaning more towards the cheaper one, as I couldn’t tell a big difference between to two, but she recommended the mix with more nutrients. We discussed this  for a couple of minutes but finally we came to a mutual agreement that the healthier mix was worth the extra money. Reading the section about how to differ really helped me with talking to Joyce, it really made our conversations longer, more interesting, and more informative. I think that me and Joyce click together pretty well and so far we haven’t really outright disagreed on anything, we just have different opinions that we share with each other to gain more knowledge.

Stay tuned for my next update post in 2 weeks where there will be pictures of my cooking! (I’m planning on making brownies Sunday with some baking mix I got at the expo)

And before I sign off, I would like to leave you with and image of a GLUTEN-FREE FERRARI seen at the Gluten-free expo


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    1. I am going to be baking brownies using a brownie mix I got at the Gluten-free Expo. I’m going to take pictures and post them on my next post.

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