Section two: The Challenges

Challenge 1: Tension (How do you deal best with tension in a stressful situation)

The way I tend to deal with tension in a stressful situation is to use humor to break the tension. This works more times than not. In fact, I have never been in a situation where humor doesn’t at least defuse it by a little bit.

Challenge 2: Frustration (What should you do when you find yourself following a leader who is ineffective?)

In a situation like this, I have two choices, to quit, or to help this leader. Unless the leader is a hopeless case, I would try and help them lead better in any way possible. If all else fails, I will have no other choice than to quit.

Challenge 3: Multi-hat (How can you determine what “hat” you need to wear in a given situation?)

The thing that I consider the most when deciding what “hat” to wear is who I am talking to. The factors that contribute to my decision are  the other person’s personality, and the situation that we are in. If this “hat” doesn’t work, then I will quickly switch to another “hat”.

Challenge 4: Ego (What ideas, products, or services provided by your committee/ quad are so important that you would allow someone else to take credit for them even though you contributed)

Taking credit for an idea isn’t that big of a deal for me but I am OK with someone else taking credit for my idea as long as they themselves recognize it was my idea. No one else needs to know.

Challenge 5: Fulfillment (List some of the advantages and disadvantages of being out front)

Advantages of being out front are: more opportunity to lead, more authority. Disadvantages of being out front are: more responsibility, more stress, more competition. As you can see, it is quite a commitment being out front.

Challenge 6: Vision (What would you rather do: see your own vision put into action and come to fruition, or help others fulfill theirs? Explain.)

I would rather help someone else because there is no other feeling like helping someone else. This is of course assuming that the person I’m helping has an achievable vision that is not a total conflict of my own.

Challenge 7: Influence (What skills will you learn or sharpen to become more competent in your current position?)

I want to sharpen my speaking skills when I lead others. Right now my voice occasionally  falters while speaking and I run out of words to say. I also want to be more assertive as I lack the seriousness to do so.


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