Section one: The Myths of Leading from the Middle of an Organization

Myth 1: Discuss if people need to possess the top title to achieve results and help others become productive.

The only thing that the top title grants you is that people under you will have to do as you say, not because they want to. A leader will be able to achieve results from a middle position, and as others will naturally listen to a good leader, they will become more productive. A top title is just that, a title, it should not dictate your leadership skills

Myth 2: How are you learning to lead? What opportunities do you currently have that could further develop your leadership skills.

I am currently learning to lead through my Taekwondo, where I am assisting my master in teaching kids, and also through the TALONS program, where I am doing stuff like this booklet. Some of the opportunities I still have to further develop my leadership skills is another year of TALONS, also, I could potentially get a job.

Myth 3: What prompts you to follow someone else.

I think the biggest factors are reliability and trust. I will almost always follow someone I know and trust over a stranger in the same circumstance. Of course, if those factors are not available, then I would follow the one sounding more logical than the counterpart. The one that I would follow would have to display more leadership qualities than the other person.

Myth 4: What prompts you to consider another person’s opinion.

For me, I will try to always consider someone’s opinion unless it is clear to me that they are not serious about it. I will also be more likely to consider another person’s opinion if they have reason behind it.

Myth 5: Do you agree that when you move up in an organization, the weight of your responsibility increases? Explain.

Yes, I do agree. My reasoning is that now more people will expect more things from you. Whether that be having to manage more people, accomplish more tasks, or even running the company, your responsibility will increase if you move up in an organization.

Myth 6: Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” How does that idea relate to allowing a title or position to limit you position?

A lot of people let titles dictate how they behave. How can something within you change if you do nothing about it? A title is just a name, take it away and nothing changes, some people think that a change in a title title changes themselves. This also works for the opposite too, just because you don’t have a high ranking title doesn’t mean you don’t have leadership skills.

Myth 7: The reality for most people is that they will never be the CEO. Does that mean they should just give up leading altogether?

Often, the CEO doesn’t even have the best leadership skills in their company. You don’t have to always lead people below you, you can lead people on the same level as you and even people on a higher level. There are always opportunities for leadership, whether you are high ranking or at the bottom.

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