In-Depth post #2 (Update)

So far in the In-Depth project, I haven’t done any actual cooking yet. BUT, what I have been doing is watching my mom cook to learn some techniques. Also, this past Sunday (Jan.18) I went to the Vancouver Gluten-Free Expo in the Vancouver Convention center with my sister and my mentor, Joyce. For the measly price of 5$ per person (actual tickets were 12$, we got ours on sale) we got more free samples than you can get from a whole day in Costco. But we didn’t just go there for the free samples thought, we also bought A LOT of stuff (about 120$ between the 3 of us).

Our total haul from the expo!

As we took public transit to the expo. I had a lot of time to talk Joyce as it took us about an hour to get there. It wasn’t as awkward as I thought it would be, mainly because my sister was also there with us. On the way to the expo, we basically just introduced ourselves to familiarize with each other more. I also went into more detail what I am doing for my project and how I will do it.

Once we got the the expo, the topic of conversation went more towards healthy eating/ vegan foods as all the foods we saw were very healthy. We had a minor disagreement over what nutrient/mineral was the most important, but that was half-joking as I wanted protein for obvious reasons (MUSCLES), and Joyce was looking for a more balanced blend of protein, fiber and other nutrients. She was almost as excited for this expo as I was because she is also looking for healthy foods to eat. My sister was mainly shelling out the cash because Joyce and I didn’t have any. (We paid her back later don’t worry) Later on, Joyce and I had an interesting conversation on what type of gluten-free flour mix to buy for my project. I was leaning more towards the cheaper one, as I couldn’t tell a big difference between to two, but she recommended the mix with more nutrients. We discussed this  for a couple of minutes but finally we came to a mutual agreement that the healthier mix was worth the extra money. Reading the section about how to differ really helped me with talking to Joyce, it really made our conversations longer, more interesting, and more informative. I think that me and Joyce click together pretty well and so far we haven’t really outright disagreed on anything, we just have different opinions that we share with each other to gain more knowledge.

Stay tuned for my next update post in 2 weeks where there will be pictures of my cooking! (I’m planning on making brownies Sunday with some baking mix I got at the expo)

And before I sign off, I would like to leave you with and image of a GLUTEN-FREE FERRARI seen at the Gluten-free expo


Section two: The Challenges

Challenge 1: Tension (How do you deal best with tension in a stressful situation)

The way I tend to deal with tension in a stressful situation is to use humor to break the tension. This works more times than not. In fact, I have never been in a situation where humor doesn’t at least defuse it by a little bit.

Challenge 2: Frustration (What should you do when you find yourself following a leader who is ineffective?)

In a situation like this, I have two choices, to quit, or to help this leader. Unless the leader is a hopeless case, I would try and help them lead better in any way possible. If all else fails, I will have no other choice than to quit.

Challenge 3: Multi-hat (How can you determine what “hat” you need to wear in a given situation?)

The thing that I consider the most when deciding what “hat” to wear is who I am talking to. The factors that contribute to my decision are  the other person’s personality, and the situation that we are in. If this “hat” doesn’t work, then I will quickly switch to another “hat”.

Challenge 4: Ego (What ideas, products, or services provided by your committee/ quad are so important that you would allow someone else to take credit for them even though you contributed)

Taking credit for an idea isn’t that big of a deal for me but I am OK with someone else taking credit for my idea as long as they themselves recognize it was my idea. No one else needs to know.

Challenge 5: Fulfillment (List some of the advantages and disadvantages of being out front)

Advantages of being out front are: more opportunity to lead, more authority. Disadvantages of being out front are: more responsibility, more stress, more competition. As you can see, it is quite a commitment being out front.

Challenge 6: Vision (What would you rather do: see your own vision put into action and come to fruition, or help others fulfill theirs? Explain.)

I would rather help someone else because there is no other feeling like helping someone else. This is of course assuming that the person I’m helping has an achievable vision that is not a total conflict of my own.

Challenge 7: Influence (What skills will you learn or sharpen to become more competent in your current position?)

I want to sharpen my speaking skills when I lead others. Right now my voice occasionally  falters while speaking and I run out of words to say. I also want to be more assertive as I lack the seriousness to do so.


Section one: The Myths of Leading from the Middle of an Organization

Myth 1: Discuss if people need to possess the top title to achieve results and help others become productive.

The only thing that the top title grants you is that people under you will have to do as you say, not because they want to. A leader will be able to achieve results from a middle position, and as others will naturally listen to a good leader, they will become more productive. A top title is just that, a title, it should not dictate your leadership skills

Myth 2: How are you learning to lead? What opportunities do you currently have that could further develop your leadership skills.

I am currently learning to lead through my Taekwondo, where I am assisting my master in teaching kids, and also through the TALONS program, where I am doing stuff like this booklet. Some of the opportunities I still have to further develop my leadership skills is another year of TALONS, also, I could potentially get a job.

Myth 3: What prompts you to follow someone else.

I think the biggest factors are reliability and trust. I will almost always follow someone I know and trust over a stranger in the same circumstance. Of course, if those factors are not available, then I would follow the one sounding more logical than the counterpart. The one that I would follow would have to display more leadership qualities than the other person.

Myth 4: What prompts you to consider another person’s opinion.

For me, I will try to always consider someone’s opinion unless it is clear to me that they are not serious about it. I will also be more likely to consider another person’s opinion if they have reason behind it.

Myth 5: Do you agree that when you move up in an organization, the weight of your responsibility increases? Explain.

Yes, I do agree. My reasoning is that now more people will expect more things from you. Whether that be having to manage more people, accomplish more tasks, or even running the company, your responsibility will increase if you move up in an organization.

Myth 6: Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” How does that idea relate to allowing a title or position to limit you position?

A lot of people let titles dictate how they behave. How can something within you change if you do nothing about it? A title is just a name, take it away and nothing changes, some people think that a change in a title title changes themselves. This also works for the opposite too, just because you don’t have a high ranking title doesn’t mean you don’t have leadership skills.

Myth 7: The reality for most people is that they will never be the CEO. Does that mean they should just give up leading altogether?

Often, the CEO doesn’t even have the best leadership skills in their company. You don’t have to always lead people below you, you can lead people on the same level as you and even people on a higher level. There are always opportunities for leadership, whether you are high ranking or at the bottom.

Intro post (In-Depth)

Well, after thinking about what I’m going to do for my In-Depth project for a long while, I’ve decided to do……..COOKING, but not just regular cooking, I plan on doing gluten-free and mostly vegan cooking.

Why? Because I have allergies to many standard ingredients like gluten and dairy. The reason I will be cooking mostly vegan foods is because I’m not actually allergic to meat nor am I vegetarian. This means in some hot dishes I might add some meat to spice up the flavor (don’t worry, I will use my brain and won’t start adding meat to everything). The biggest reason I want to do this as my in-depth project is because it is very hard to cook for me (you can imagine as I am allergic to practically everything in a standard slice of bread). I want to start cooking for myself, and this will also help me in the future as I will have to cook for myself when I no longer live with my parents. Also I just want to learn how to cook, as my cooking skills are not the greatest right now.

My current plan is to first learn basic skills of cooking through my mom and the Foods 9 course I will take in a couple of weeks, after a few weeks of learning, I will begin to start baking, and maybe try some hot/cold dishes. My goal is to cook at least once a week (most likely on Sundays) Even if I fail at cooking the first few dishes, I will probably learn something from it, so it won’t be a total loss. After I start to see some success, I will move up the recipe difficulties. I also have a few goal dates:

Jan 18 – Start learning basic cooking skills as well as baking skills (watching others cooking, helping others cook)

Feb 8 – Continue baking and learning skills

Mar 1 – Start cooking on the stove top (hot and cold dishes)/ continue baking

April – Get some experience in cooking and be decent at stove top cooking and baking.

May – Start working on In-Depth presentation as well as continue cooking harder recipes

May 25 – Present! (Bring food samples)

I will have many mentors over the course of this project. My mentors at my house include my mom and my sister. My mentor at school is the Foods 9 teacher (although she will mainly just be teaching the class). My main mentor will be Joyce Zhan, my sister’s friend from university who has experience with cooking and gluten-free meals. I will also utilize resources on the internet. I’m sure that I will find more mentors throughout the project.

Well thanks for reading my intro post for my In-Depth project. I will definitely have lots of fun with this project and it will be a wonderful learning experience.  Stay tuned for more cooking posts! (Coming soon)