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Well now that Night of the Notables is over, its time to relfect on how the night went. First off, with my learning center.

My learning center, Photo credits : TALONS Flickr

My idea for my learning center came from de Gaulle’s military past. I set up my center like a wartime recruitment office, with the poster hanging to the right of my head. I also had my laptop running a 9 slide power point displaying all Charles de Gaulle’s achievements before 1944. The three pieces of paper you can see to the right of my laptop are short paragraphs about the military units one could join; with one being related to Charles de Gaulle and two other units. After a unit was chosen, I proceeded to explain what happened to Charles de Gaulle after World War ll, as I had been posing as an officer in 1944. I felt that my learning center had a good hook (The Uncle Sam recruitment poster), an interactive section (I had people choose what unit they wanted to be in, the handed out the badges of the different units they had chosen), and a good amount of information (I explained most of it, but the power point contained Charles de Gaulle’s achievements). One thing I wish I had done though was to have practiced what I was going to say before hand, I actually winged what I said about de Gaulle of my memory, and unfortunately got a fact wrong even though it was displaying on my power point (The power point said de Gaulle made five escape attempts, I said he made 4). Using these experiences, I will definitely be more prepared next year.

I think the thing that I will remember the most about Night of the Notables is how tired I felt after it was over. It felt exactly like a sugar crash, despite the fact that I had very little sugar during the night. Overall, the night was a great experience as I was able to see what my classmates have been working on for the past month. The grade 10 speeches were also amazing, the amount of effort put into them really showed that night. So far, Night of the Notables has definitely been the highlight of TALONS, and I can’t wait for it next year.

Finally, Night of the Notables could not have been done without the planning the grade 9s put into the event. They brought the food needed for the guests, and also planned everything out in a much shorter timeline. I would also like to thank the teachers and parents for their guidance through all these months. Without any of these people, Night of the Notables would not have been this successful.

I’m happy to say that I have met my goals for this project. I have become more confident in public speaking and also I know much more about Charles de Gaulle then when I first read that Wikipedia article a month ago. The eminent person project has been one of the best parts of TALONS so far, and although I was a little overwhelmed at first, I now look forward to doing it next year.


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