SFU library trip

First, I would like to start off by saying wow, that library was huge! 7 Floors filled with shelves of books twice as tall as i am!

The 4th floor of the library

When I arrived at SFU aboard a school bus, my first impression was “That’s  a lot of concrete”. It turns out, the person who designed SFU loved working with concrete.  Considering the entire university was built out of concrete, it actually looked quite good, especially with the vegetation planted everywhere. Even with all this vegetation, SFU still seemed grey and gloomy, and this impression was not changed when I saw all the university students walking around like zombies.

Right before the PM TALONS class got into the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, we spent 10 minutes observing SFU by ourselves. I took a look at the poster board that i was next to, and was surprised to find a poster displaying all the sports that one can do at SFU.

Look at all these sports!

The Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology was filled with interesting artifacts. There were stuffed animals that were made from real pelts and skin. There was also many first nations artifacts that ranged from weapons to clothing. My favourite display however, was a tree i saw during a slideshow.

The best tree ever
The best tree ever

After the museum, the entire TALONS class  went to the Himalayan Peak restaurant for an all you can eat lunch. There weren’t too many choices, but the choices they did have were GOOD. Because it was an all you can eat, many people went for seconds and even thirds.  (Fun Fact: A friend of mine who goes to SFU said to me that he went to the same restaurant that afternoon, but he said the food wasn’t as good as usual. I jokingly said that we probably ate all the restaurants good food)

After lunch, we had a short tour of the campus, where no less than 8 different people used my umbrella. during that time. Then it was time to do some research in the library! I had to take a couple of minutes to get used to how the library worked, and to find the book I was looking for. Once i got the book, I sat down in a desk to start reading.  What i found out about my eminent  person Charles de Gaulle was that there was way more to his life than I thought in my introductory post. Now that I know there is that much more to de Gaulle’s life, I will research his life more thoroughly to get all the details.

My overall theme for the SFU trip would have to be “Discovery”. Why? Because it opened my eyes to not only my eminent persons life, but to life in university as well. The museum was full of information that I discovered as I toured it. I also discovered how big SFU’s library really was compared to the Coquitlam Public Library. Overall, the SFU trip was a key component to my eminent person research, and now I will bring that knowledge to my Night of the Notables presentation.

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